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    The Best Dental Chew for Dogs

    The Best Dental Chew for Dogs

    Why Does My Dog Chew So Much?

    There is no doubt that dogs love to chew, from being in the puppy stage, chewing shoes and furniture, to older age senior dogs;  they all have a natural instinct to chew. As part of their survival, the Canine species relied on chewing their prey (muscle, organs, and bones).  However, most commercially made feed today does not provide that same chewing experience that dogs not only need, but crave.  Since chewing is an instinctual behavior for dogs, it also,  fights boredom, relieves anxiety, and diverts their attention away from other destructive behaviors. For additional tips on how to get your dog to stop chewing, visit here

    Nutritional Benefits of Chewing 

    Chewing on bones and other animal parts not only removes plaque and keeps your dogs mouth healthy, but provides many nutritional benefits. Chewing stimulates saliva enzymes to help remove the plaque and tartar from their teeth to help keep them clean. Bones can be a fantastic source of minerals and other nutrients. Bones are composed of calcium phosphate, a mineral that aids your dog’s proper growth. They help a canine’s skeletal system to regenerate and adapt. This is especially important for puppies. In fact, the calcium in raw bones can be up to four times more digestible than the most commonly available calcium supplements.

    Other chews such as bully sticks, trachea, and even duck feet are excellent sources of cartilage, collagen,and keratin. In turn your dog is receiving  natural chondroitin and glucosamine which aid in keeping your dog’s joints healthy.

    Dog Teeth Cleaning Products

    Brushing your dog’s teeth can be a pain and taking them to the vet for cleanings is not only expensive, but causes undue stress for your dog. When we don't clean our dog's teeth excess tartar can build up not only causing bad breath, but can lead to infections and expensive tooth extractions. 

    Greenies, Dentastix, Oravet Dental Hygiene Chew Alternatives

    When you start your search for the best dog chew toy, you are sure to come across plastic toys, such as Nylabones, or other dental treats, each claiming to help freshen your dog’s breath. There are many warnings and dangers on dog's eating plastic. So why would I want to give them a plastic bone. You must keep a watchful eye on your dog while they chew to make sure they do not swallow any pieces. But really...Why would you feed your dog plastic?

    Have you ever looked at the ingredient label on dental dog treats such as Greenies, Dentasticks, and Milk Bone brushing chews? 
    Wheat flour, wheat gluten, glycerin, gelatin, oat fiber, water, lecithin, natural poultry flavor...
    These treats claim to clean teeth, freshen breath, and be a healthy treat. However, I am confused how any of those ingredients lead to a fresh and clean mouth, much less provide nutritional value. Any chewing can be beneficial for your dog, but why not give them a treat that not only cleans their teeth, but is a much healthier alternative.

    Vet Recommended Dog Dental Chews

    Those in the know... Nutritionists and Medical professionals seem to unanimously believe that Dehydrated Duck Feet provide the absolute best teeth cleaning and plaque removal for dog's teeth.

    Yes, that’s it. Single ingredient, all-natural, and full of nutrients.

    While duck feet might be the best at cleaning your dog’s teeth, there are other treats that offer cleaning and health benefits as well, such as bully sticks, beef trachea, and knee caps. Like us, dog’s enjoy variety and deserve to be spoiled.

    Gobble, Gobble

    Gobble, Gobble

    With Thanksgiving just a couple of days away, it is helpful to know what foods your dog can enjoy as well. They without a doubt will be begging at the table, but who wouldn't be? There are some staple Thanksgiving foods that are acceptable to feed so your dog can enjoy a feast too. It is also good to know what to avoid feeding them.

    Those who say feeding dogs human food is bad, are just wrong. All dogs diets should include REAL food. Many kibbles are filled with by-products and artificial ingredients. Most are unaware of this and feed what is most convenient. While I believe in feeding my dog a nutritious kibble, I also like to spoil them with treats and special meals. If i get to enjoy turkey, why can't they?! If you want your dog to have a Thanksgiving meal, here are some options:

    • Turkey and Ham

    You can feed your dog raw or cooked meat. There are tons of animals that consume a raw diet alongside their carnivore friends in the animal kingdom. Raw meat, while it poses a threat to humans, can be consumed by dogs thanks to their industrial digestive systems. Their stomachs are able to overcome the potential bacteria that may be lurking in the meat. The raw meat contains essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals. If you are still concerned about raw meat, feeding them cooked meat that is not fried or drenched in seasonings, is a great treat as well.

    • Eggs

    Eggs, like meat, can be consumed raw or cooked. While you are whipping up those desserts, don't be afraid to crack one for your pup! They are sure to love you for it. They offer a complete source of amino acids, and provide vitamins and minerals including: vitamin A, riboflavin, folate, vitamin B12, iron, selenium, and fatty acids. These benefits far outweigh the risks. Some might say they are too high in cholesterol, but just like humans we must feed them in moderation. Adding eggs to your dogs diet, can help them achieve a balanced diet.

    • Pumpkin

    Not I am not saying slice your dog of pie, but I think they would love some dessert too. Canned pumpkin puree is a great addition to their regular food or just a spoonful. Be careful not to feed them the sugary pie filling as that will not be a good source of vitamins and minerals. Pumpkin is filled with fiber and beta-carotene. Also, if you notice your dog has diarrhea, adding a tablespoon of pumpkin is sure to help!

    Without a doubt, food is bound to fall on the floor while cooking and eating, but there are some things we should pick up before the dog finds the scraps.

    • Cooked Bones
    • Chocolate
    • Alcohol
    • Macadamia Nuts
    • Walnuts
    • Sage
    • Nutmeg
    • Mushrooms
    • Xylitol
    • Dough, Batter, and Yeast
    • Onions

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    May you, your family, and the dogs be filled with lots of yummy foods and love!