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Yes and no, Depends on the mushroom. They can either be very beneficial to your dog’s health or could cause a very large vet bill. Try giving your dogs a variety of medicinal mushrooms for healing and increasing their livelihood.

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Ever wondered if the herbs you eat and use for medicinal purposes are good for you dog. Well in fact they are! Many herbs have many wonderful benefits for your furry friend.
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Each year the American Kennel Club releases the most popular dog breeds. They collect their data from the AKC registrations statistics. The American Kennel Club is the only purebred dog registry in the United States. They maintain systematic investigations and inspections to ensure the health and safety of dogs.

Read more to find out if your favorite dog made the list!

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What is the best dental chew for your dog? While there are many treats out there that claim to treat your dog's bad breath and keep their teeth clean, there is one treat that stand above the rest.
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Is your dog your personal vacuum? Dogs are bound to be right under your feet while you are cooking this Holiday Season. Find out which foods you should pick up or let the dog clean up for you.
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