Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, you will find some of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding Jack's Premium. You can also find frequently asked questions on each product page regarding those specific products.

If you cannot find the answers to your questions, please reach out through our online chat and we will answer any questions as soon as possible.

About Jack's Premium

Who is Jack?

There is no one here named, Jack... Jack was the Family Dog of 18 years, 2003-2021, R.I.P. He was a Beautiful and Beloved Red Shepherd mix. Jack provided much inspiration and is the Namesake of the Company.

Who is Jack's Premium?

While the company was named after our dog, Jack, the Company was founded by the Sister/Brother Team; Madison and Luke. They both have a passion and heart for animals (12 dogs between them). They are both intimately involved in all operations of the daily business and are candidates seeking certification as Certified Canine and Feline Nutritionist's.

What is meant by "Just Good Stuff" ?

"Just Good Stuff" was what continually came up during our 'textbook MBA Branding' exercises. Honestly, there are many good choices for your pet's today (many more than in the past, which is a good thing) We strive to source Quality ingredients from local sources of whom we have relationships with to produce high quality feed and treats (Premium) at an affordable price. It's Just Good Stuff : )

Where is Jack's Premium located?

Jack's Premium manufacturing and distribution is located South-East of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, just outside of Ennis, Texas. We do not have a physical store location. However, Jack's Premium can be found at the Dallas Farmers Market on Saturdays and Sundays year round.

Can I find Jack's Premium in stores?

This has been a long debated topic for us ... Jack's Premium is not located in any stores. We have purposefully chosen to keep our products shipped direct to you, our consumer, without middle men or distributors. This allows for us to send you the absolutely freshest product at the best prices possible.

Sourcing & Ingredients

Where does Jack's Premium source their meat?

We attempt to source as 'local' as possible. We procure meats from local processors here in the lonestar state. These 'smaller' processors have the propensity to purchase stock from local ranchers vs feeder stock (the whole hormone and antibiotic scare) with a greater promise of having true pasture raised animals. However, such as our rabbit, we source from a reputable farm in South Carolina. It is just too dang hot here in Texas to raise rabbits!

Do your meat ingredients contain growth hormones or antibiotics?

Nope. We also buy 'For Human Consumption', stamped by the USDA, meats. Yes! People eat Bull Pizzle too!

Are all of your poultry, meat and fish products raised humanely?


Does Jack's Premium contain artificial flavors or preservatives such has Ethoxyquin?

Our feed and treats are free from artificial preservatives and flavors–including Ethoxyquin. When we do have to use a preservative, we use mixed tocopherols (Vitamin E) which also provides antioxidants or Whole Rosemary, due to its high anti-oxidant and anti-microbial activities. These properties allow rosemary to prevent microbial growth while decreasing food spoilage through oxidation.

Does Jack's Premium source any products outside of the United States?

Currently the only ingredient/product coming in from outside the US is the Coconut Husk to make the Coconut Husk rope chews. These Husks are sourced from Vietnam. Not many Coconuts in the US : (

Feeding & Storage

I feed my dog a raw diet, are your treats approved for a raw diet?

Yes, not only appropriate, but encouraged. We have many 'Raw' feeders that complete their diet rotations with our En-Hance line of toppers.

How much do I feed my dog?

This is a very good question, However, no one knows your pet as well as you do AND every animal is different. Reach out in chat, we will be happy to consult with you

What is the shelf life of your products?

Well, we can't really answer this question, nor can any other manufacturer. The Shelf life is very dependant on the conditions that they are stored in. By design, the freeze drying, smoking and or dehydrating techniques we utilize should provide shelf stable treats for months... However, temperature, humidity, and mold (always a little bit floating around in the air) are at times difficult to manage. We suggest that you do not order to 'stock up', rather order as needed and be gauranted 'more fresh' .

How should I store my products to keep them fresh?

In a cool dry place. Avoid Humidity ( near a bathroom or laundry room). Do not place in the refrigerator (they use humidity to cool) and will have a tendency to re-hydrate your treats and possibly creating spoilage.

Can I store treats in the refrigerator?

No, refrigerators are a humid environment. This will re-hydrate the treats or chews, and they will turn bad within a short period of time. However, the freezer is the best place for longer term storage and can add to the 'treat' experience, by having an ice cold bone on a warm summer day!

Account Management and Subscription

Does Jack's Premium offer subscriptions/ auto-ship?

Yes, we offer a subscription / auto-ship program which automatically gets you your dog’s favorite treats and chews at intervals that fit your dog’s appetite. You will save 5% on all your subscription orders.

Skip, update, or cancel at any time – no commitment or fees.

Can I change the products and frequency of my order?

Absolutely. You are in total control. Log in and make the changes needed. Need Guidance, reach out in chat; we are here to help.

Can I add a one time product to my current subscription order?
Help, I forgot my password!

Shipping and Returns

How long does it take for me to get my order?

Orders placed by noon, will ship out same day. Orders palced after noon, will ship out the next business day. Orders can take 1-4 days for shipping depending on where you are located.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Since we do ship orders out same day, if you notice something is wrong with your order, please let us know right away. Once an order has shipped, we can not change or cancel it.

Can I return or exchange my treats?

We do not accept returns or exhanges. We would not want to send product back out to another customer once it has left our warrehouse. We encourage you to donate or gift the order. If you had an any issue with your order, please contact us so we can help work out a solution that best fits your needs.