What Should I Feed my Dog?

What Should I Feed my Dog?

What should I feed my dog?

At Jacks, we realize that every dog is different. Different breeds, sizes, ages, ailments, special needs. Their health, energy level, and even pallet will vary just like me and you. And it is up to us as pet parents to decide what is best for our pet. There is no right or wrong. 

We know dogs who have lived long happy healthy lives on all options. Not only are your dog’s needs different, but as a parent what works best for you had to be taken into consideration.

This is why we offer so many options. Do not hesitate to talk or chat with us below if you need help deciding. Click here to read further on the pros and cons of types of feeding.

There are a number of potential diets for dogs, but it can be hard to determine which one is best for your four-legged friend. To help you make an informed decision, keep these factors in mind when deciding what to feed your dog.

While it might seem the choices are endless, it is often easier to break down the task of deciding on a dog food. All the information circling the internet can be confusing. I hope this helps you decide what is best; just remember there is no right or wrong.

Commercial Kibble

Commercial kibble is the most readily available way to feed your pet. It is the ‘industry standard’. However, with kibble there are a wide range of types and quality. Pet store aisles are full of choices and can be overwhelming. 


  • Convenient
  • Cost effective (depending on brand and quality
  • Complete and balanced; meets AAFCO standards


  • Seductive advertising; buzz words
  • Endless choices
  • Range of quality
  • Nutritional value can be lost in the cooking process

Should I feed my dog kibble?

If you are looking for a cost effective, easy to feed, proven diet and are not concerned with eliminating particular ingredients, then kibble is a good option for you. At Jack’s Premium, we only offer a high quality kibble that does not contain any corn, wheat, soy, or gluten. We bring a five star kibble to you at a lower cost.

How to choose the right kibble?


While the thought of raw might gross you out and you might think of the bacteria, dog’s love it and their digestive tracts can handle more bacteria than ours. There are two ways to feed raw: make it yourself or premade raw meals which are usually complete and balanced. Some vets may urge against raw, but this is due to the potential harm to you and not your pet. If you are making the feed yourself, you need to ensure you are giving enough raw meaty bones or a vitamin and mineral supplement. Raw is the most ‘natural’ and closest to a dog’s ancestral diet. A raw diet usually consists of raw muscle meat, bones, organs, fruits, and vegetables.


  • Uncooked, Unheated Food retains nutrients and enzymes
  • Fewer allergens
  • No additives or preservatives


  • More costly
  • May contain harmful bacteria 
  • Additional supplements may be needed

Should I Feed my Dog Raw?

Raw is a good option for you and your dog if you dog has many allergies and if you are cautious with cleaning after you have fed your pet.

Freeze Dried/Dehydrated

While the freeze drying and dehydration process is different, the benefits and way to feed is very similar. Both processes allow for the moisture to be removed from either raw or cooked foods to increase the shelf life and allows for nutrients to be retained. While this is a more expensive option than kibble, you can see the whole foods and your dog will not eat as much.


  • Less processing; more retained nutrients
  • No Preservatives
  • Not as messy as raw


  • Cost
  • May not be a complete and balanced meal

Should I feed my dog freeze dried foods?

If you are interested in raw or fresh meals, but do not want to incur the cost or mess, this is a good option. You can see the whole pieces of food too.

Fresh Meals

Fresh meals are the newest way to feed your dog. These are proportioned meals made with human grade, real whole foods. They are cooked then frozen until you are ready to serve. Most do have vitamins and minerals added to make sure this is a complete and balanced meal. 


  • Easy to serve, pre portioned
  • Higher palatability
  • Real whole foods


  • More Costly
  • Requires planning

Should I feed my dog fresh meals?

If you have a picky dog or a dog with a sensitive stomach, fresh meals are the best option for you.

Home cooked

What some of you would call table scraps or spoiling your dog. This is fine in moderation or if you know exactly how much your dog should be eating and are giving the necessary supplements. There are also many foods and spices that your dog can not have.

It is completely okay to feed you dog only one way, or do a mix of all. Some trial and error might also be needed to find out what works best. In the end, as long as your dog is eating and is healthy then it’s ok!

No matter what you feed, make sure you dog always has access to fresh water

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