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Whole Fish (Small)


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  • Overview



    Jack's Premium slowly dehydrated minnows are

    • Made in Texas
    • One Ingredient
    • 100% Whole Fish (Skin, Eyes, Blood, & Bone)
    • Low Calorie making them the Ultimate Training Treat
    • Extremely Healthy and Digestible
    • For Dogs and Cats
    • Responsibly and sustainably farm raised eating only a natural diet of algae, phytoplankton, and zooplankton
  • Recipe Details

    Ingredients: Whole Minnow

    3630 kcal/kg

    3.6 kcal/fish

    Crude Protein (Min) 71.0%
    Crude Fat (Min) 12.0%
    Crude Fiber (Max)  1.0%
    Moisture (Max) 4.0%
  • Guaranteed Analysis

    • High Protein, Low Fat Treat
    • Rich in Omega 3's a healthy fatty acid which 
      • Supporting the brain development of puppies
      • Helping dogs with arthritis by reducing inflammation
      • Improving your canine companion’s ability to fight cancer
      • Benefiting the immune system of dogs
      • Boosting the heart and kidney health of canines
      • Improving the skin and coat health of dogs
      • Helping dogs by reducing anxiety, depression and hyperactivity
    • Size and Calorie count allows for multiple treats to be fed during a training session
    • Only one ingredient-no need to worry about unnecessary fillers
    • Dehydration process allows for fish to stay fresh without the use of preservatives or refrigeration