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Pig Ear

Pig Ear

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    Jack’s Premium Pig Ears are a great chew to provide to your dog. While they are not as long lasting as other natural chews, they provide health benefits. We source our pig ears from USA and Canadian Farms. Canada’s standards for their meat production is actually much stricter than the USA. Our pig ears are slow smoked using our unique smoking process. We never add any chemicals, preservatives, or liquid smoke to our treats.

    Benefits of Pig Ears

    • Good for Dental Hygiene- Chewing promotes healthy gums and reduces tartar and plaque buildup
    • Provides Mental Stimulation- Chewing keeps dogs entertained and fights boredom
    • Made of Cartilage- This means they are a softer chew that is ideal for puppies, seniors, or dogs with dental issues
    • Promotes Healthy Joints- Pig Ears are a source of glucosamine and chondroitin which are needed to keep joints healthy
    • High Protein- Protein is needed for strong bones, muscles, and healthy coat
    • High Fat Content- Average ear contains about 100 calories with lots of fat. Feed in moderation if your dog requires a low-fat diet.

    100% USDA Pork Ear
    Protein 45.0%
    Fat 15.0%
    Fiber 3.0%
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are pig ears good for dogs?
    Yes, pig ears a great chew for your pet as long as they are sourced properly. You might think ears are a very fatty treat, but in fact pig ears are made of cartilage, so they’re high in protein and fairly low in fat. Cartilage contains natural glucosamine and chondroitin, so chewing on ears can benefit your dog’s joints. They’re soft and easy on the teeth, so they’re good chews for dogs with sensitive teeth or dogs who prefer a leisurely chew. And because they’re just cartilage, pig ears are quite digestible for your dog. Just monitor your dog if he’s a gulper who doesn’t chew his food thoroughly, so he doesn’t choke or get a bowel obstruction from swallowing big chunks of ear.
    Are pig ears still on recall?
    Pig ears are not still on recall. In 2019 the FDA issued a warning about pig ears for dogs due to salmonella risk. The products in question came from Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. The ears came from various vendors and were sold at some major retail chains. While only some ears were on recall for possible salmonella outbreak, Jack's Premium ears have always been source in the USA or Canada and smoked to high temperatures that kill any possible bacteria that could harm you or your pet. However, the pig ear recall is no longer in affect nationwide.
    Do vets recommend pig ears?
    Most vets would recommend a pig ear as a natural chew for your dog. They would suggest a pig ear over a rawhide because rawhide is often treated with chemicals, is indigestible, and is known for causing intestinal blockages.