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Pig Ear

Pig Ear

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    Jack’s Premium Pig Ears are a great chew to provide to your dog. While they are not as long lasting as other natural chews, they provide health benefits. We source our pig ears from USA and Canadian Farms. Canada’s standards for their meat production is actually much stricter than the USA. Our pig ears are slow smoked using our unique smoking process. We never add any chemicals, preservatives, or liquid smoke to our treats.

    Benefits of Pig Ears

    • Good for Dental Hygiene- Chewing promotes healthy gums and reduces tartar and plaque buildup
    • Provides Mental Stimulation- Chewing keeps dogs entertained and fights boredom
    • Made of Cartilage- This means they are a softer chew that is ideal for puppies, seniors, or dogs with dental issues
    • Promotes Healthy Joints- Pig Ears are a source of glucosamine and chondroitin which are needed to keep joints healthy
    • High Protein- Protein is needed for strong bones, muscles, and healthy coat
    • High Fat Content- Average ear contains about 100 calories with lots of fat. Feed in moderation if your dog requires a low-fat diet.

    100% USDA Pig Ear
    Protein 25.1%
    Oil & Fats 11.6%
    Fiber 0.9%
    Moisture 62.4%
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