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Nose Balm

Nose Balm

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Bare Essentials Nose Balm is formulated to create a barrier that shields their skin from the air and toxic chemicals. It also serves as insulation when the weather is extremely hot and dry.

  • Vegan Friendly & Cruelty Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • No Synthetic Dyes
  • Sulfate-Free


  • The protective nature of beeswax helps retain moisture and reduce dryness in dogs’ skin. It is also a humectant, which means it attracts water. This will keep your dog’s skin hydrated, elastic, and soft.
  • Carrot seed essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties, with moderate antibacterial effects. This oil is good for dry, flaky, sensitive skin which is prone to infection. It can also rejuvenate and stimulate tissue regeneration, so it is a good oil to use for scar healing.
  • Jojoba Oil is a bacteriostatic and fungicidal moisturizer that mimics skin’s sebum & is rich with essential healing minerals.

Size: 1.65 fl oz

Purified Water, Coconut-Based Cleanser, Organic Aloe Vera Extract, Carrot Seed Extract, Organic Chamomile Extract, Mineral Salt, Baby Powder Aroma
No Nutrition Available
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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do puppies need baths?
You should bathe your puppy about no more than once a month unless necessary. Puppies and adult dogs have natural oils in their coat to prevent their fur from getting brittle or damaged and to keep it soft and silky. Bathing your dog too often can strip away those oils.
How soon can I give a puppy a bath?
Puppies should not be bathed until around eight weeks old. Older dogs’ body temperature self-regulates, but young puppies don’t have that ability yet. A puppy less than eight weeks old might get overheated or too cold during the bathing process. Prior to them being old enough to bathe, try wiping them down with a warm, wet cloth when needed.