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Duck Jerky

Duck Jerky

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  • Single Ingredient: 100% Duck Tenderloin. No Grain, No Glycerin, No Preservatives
  • Sourced & Made in USA: We never source our meat from overseas.
  • Just Good Stuff: Our first ingredient is our only ingredient, 100% Duck

Benefits of Duck Jerky:

  • Unique Dehydration Process: Dehydration is a gentle, low-temperature process, which preserves vitamins and other temperature sensitive nutrients better than baking, cooking or frying. 
  • High Nutritional Value: Duck builds lean muscle mass in dogs and delivers Omega 6 fatty acids that help sustain healthy skin and shiny coats. It’s also a great source of essential amino acids and glucosamine, which helps promote bone health.
  • High in Antioxidants: Antioxidants, such as iron, zinc, and selenium, are important for your dog since iron helps create red blood cells. Zinc also has plenty of help, including cell division, immune response, and cognitive function.
  • High in Vitamin B6: A vitamin responsible for glucose generation, red blood cell & nervous system function, hormone regulation, immune response, niacin synthesis, and gene activation
  • Low Fat Treat: Great for dogs on a diet or with sensitive stomachs
100% Duck Tenderloin
Protein 78.0%
Fat 8.0%
Fiber 2.0%
Moisture 6.0%
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is duck jerky good for my dog?
Yes, duck jerky is an excellent treat for dogs when it is sourced properly. Our duck is sourced from USDA inspected duck farms and is made with only one ingredient (no glycerin or milk by-products).
Can dogs eat duck?
Yes, dogs can safely eat ducks. Not only can they eat the meat, but necks, feet, and organs are great alternative treats to add into your dog's diet. Aside from protein, duck is also a great source of amino acids. It is specifically high in lysine and leucine, which are excellent for lowering cholesterol and making healthy bones and muscles.
How is duck jerky made?
At Jack's Premium, we source our duck from Maple Leaf Farms. We dehydrated enjoy duck tenderloin using a human grade jerky protocol without preservatives, salts, or glycerin which leaves us with healthy, crunchy, and delicious treat.