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Dehydrated Chicken Feet

Dehydrated Chicken Feet

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Jack’s Premium Chicken Feet are a great quick chew to provide to your dog and cat. While they are not long lasting, they are an excellent dental treat. We source our chicken from Windy Meadows Family Farm in Greenville, TX. Our chicken feet are slow smoked using our unique smoking process. We never add any chemicals, preservatives, or liquid smoke to our treats.

Benefits of Chicken Feet

  • Good for Dental Hygiene- Chewing promotes healthy gums and reduces tartar and plaque buildup
  • Promotes Healthy Joints- Chicken Feet are a source of glucosamine and chondroitin which are needed to keep joints healthy
  • Rich in Iron and Amino Acids- This is needed for growing and active dogs/cats
  • High in Calcium and Phosphate- Essential minerals that dogs/cats need for strong bones, cartilage, and hormone transmission.
  • Low Calorie and Fat- Good treat for pets with weight issues and digestive issues
  • Good for Cats too!

*Size and Shape will vary. Most feet are 3-5 inches in length.

*Please note: We do not clip the nails from the chicken feet so they will have sharp nails. On test runs with our own pups and customer feedback, we have had no issues, but please watch your fingers when handling!

100% Dehydrated Chicken Foot
Protein 49.0%
Fat 27.0%
Fiber 0.0%
Moisture 6.0%
Calories 75 kcal/foot
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are chicken feet good for dogs?
Chicken feet contain high concentrations of glucosamine and chondroitin which are found in joint health supplements. These provide the building blocks for joint cartilage, and therefore help improve overall joint health for arthritic dogs, or dogs with joint conditions such as hip dysplasia.
Can my dog eat a whole chicken foot?
Yes. While they might not look the prettiest, they are very nutritious. They support dental and joint health. Your dog can eat the whole foot including the nail.
Can my dog eat chicken bones?
While we have all heard dogs should not eat chicken bones, this is referring to cooked chicken bones. When the bone has been roasted or dehydrated, they are considered safe and when chewed they crush easily vs splinter into pieces.
How many chicken feet can I give my dog?
This depends on your dog, but most dogs can have a chicken foot a day.