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Beef Knee Cap

Beef Knee Cap

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  • Small- 1-2 inches diameter
  • Large- 2.5-3.5 inches diameter

Jack’s Premium knee caps are an excellent treat to provide your dog a good amount of chew time while not breaking the bank. We source all our knee caps from USA small farm cattle, not feeder stock. Our knee caps are slow smoked using our unique smoking processes. We never add any chemicals, preservatives, or liquid smoke to our treats.

Benefits of Beef Knee Caps for Dogs

  • Good for Dental Hygiene- Chewing promotes health gums and reduces tartar and plaque buildup
  • Provide Mental Stimulation- Chewing keeps dogs entertained and fights boredom
  • High Protein- Protein is needed to maintain healthy bones and growth.
  • Naturally Dense Bone- Knee caps are a naturally tough bone and are not hollow. This makes them longer lasting and they have a less likely chance to splinter.


100% USDA Beef Patella
Protein 30.0%
Fat 15.0%
Moisture 6.0%
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are beef knee caps safe for dogs?
Beef knee caps are safe for most dogs to chew on. They are a hard bone so it is recommended for medium to aggressive chewers.
Can dogs eat the whole knee cap?
Dogs can potentially eat the whole knee cap bone, if they continue to dwindle it down while chewing. However, we recommend throwing the bone away after it has gone down in size to prevent your dog from possibly swallowing the bone which can possibly cause a blockage in their airway.
Do knee cap bones splinter?
The knee cap bone is a dense, solid bone and does not splinter like other marrow and chicken bones.
How should I store my knee caps?
We recommend storing unused knee caps in the freezer to preserve them. We do not add any liquid smoke or preservatives to prevent possible mold that can grow when left in the right environment.
How often should I give my dog a knee cap?
Knee caps should be given 1-2 times per week. This is enough to start noticing the health benefits of the bone, but too much can cause an upset stomach.