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Jack's Premium Beef Enhance is food topper that you can add to the top of whatever you currently feed your dog/cat. Not only does it work as a palatability topper, but also a very nutritious way to enhance your pet's feed and introduce organ meat into their diets.

8 Ounces (About 16 TBS/Jar)

Beef Liver, Beef Lung, Beef Heart, Beef Blood
Protein --
Fat --
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are organ meats good for dogs?
Organ meats are one of the most nutrient dense foods you can give to your dog. In fact, entrails contain significantly more vitamins, minerals and other valuable nutrients than lean muscle meat. In addition to premium quality protein and fat, organ meats are plentiful sources of the vitamins A, B, D and E, as well as minerals like copper, iron, phosphorus, selenium and zinc. All of these are essential for the health of your canine.
Can my dog/cat eat beef?
Yes! A protein-rich diet is important for your pet as it provides the energy your pet needs, and a lean source of beef is a great option. Grass-fed beef is recommended and will provide the essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins that give your pet a healthy coat, skin, joints, and muscles. Omega-3 in beef can also help with skin problems.