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Freeze Dried Chicken Necks

Freeze Dried Chicken Necks

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Jack’s Premium Chicken Necks are a great quick chew to provide to your dog and cat. While they are not long lasting, they are an excellent treat with many health benefits. We source our chicken comes from Windy Meadows Family Farm in Greenville, TX. Our chicken necks are freeze dried in small batches. We never add any chemicals, preservatives, or liquid smoke to our treats. The freeze-drying process is a unique process that locks and seals in the fresh raw flavors and all the nutritional values.

  • Single Ingredient: 100% Chicken Neck, No Grain, No Glycerin, No Preservatives
  • Locally Sourced:  Our chicken comes from Windy Meadows Family Farm in Greenville, TX.
  • Just Good Stuff: Our first ingredient is our only ingredient, 100% Shrimp. Freeze Drying allows for a tasty treat that is free of salt, sugars, fillers, chemicals, and preservatives.
  • Don't Leave Meowt Safe for both cats and dogs!

Benefits of Chicken Necks

  • Good for Dental Hygiene- Chewing promotes healthy gums and reduces tartar and plaque buildup 
  • Chicken necks contain calcium, which implies that eating them will help to keep your gums and enamel healthy
  • Promotes Healthy Joints- Glucosamine functions as a moderate anti-inflammatory and is utilized by the joints, while chondroitin inhibits cartilage degradation and increases cartilage component formation
  • High in Calcium which is essential for the formation of strong bones
  • High in Fat which is a vital source to enhance the metabolism of dogs.
  • Good for Cats too!
100% Freeze Dried Chicken Neck
Protein 60.0%
Fat 5.0%
Fiber 4.0%
Moisture 8.0%
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can dogs eat chicken necks?
Chicken necks are a great treat for dogs. They provide a crunchy treat for your dog which helps to improve their dental health. They are also great for keeping your dog’s joints healthy.
Are chicken necks safe for puppies?
Freeze dried chicken necks are safe for puppies. If you are ever in doubt, consult your vet.
Can cats eat chicken necks?
Yes, cats can eat chicken neck. Cats can easily chew the soft and cartilaginous bones in the chicken necks. Besides being a healthy protein source, chicken necks also promote better dental health in cats.