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    • Single Ingredient
    • Grain Free-Good choice for dogs with a grain sensitivity
    • Naturally Flavorful
    • Lean Protein-Great for dogs on a diet
    • Made and Sourced in the USA
    • Antibiotic Free
    • Great for all dogs of all ages and sizes
    Ingredients: USDA Chicken Breast

    Crude Protein Min. 73.0%
    Crude Fat Min. 5.4%
    Crude Fiber Max. .5%
    Moisture  Max. 15.9%


    Benefits of Chicken For Dogs

    • Contains NIacin (vitamin B3) which is essential for the metabolism of fats and sugars and maintaining healthy cells
    • Contains minerals such as magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and zinc
    • Great source of protein which are made up of amino acids which assist in the creation and growth of muscles, connective tissue, and skin, maintaining muscle tone and tissue strength, healing and repair, normal digestion, and provide energy 
    • Source of omega 6 fatty acids that support a shiny coat and healthy skin
    • Lean source of protein meaning adding to their daily protein intake without increasing the fat intake


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