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Beef Heart

  • Contains Essential Amino Acids which are necessary for muscle growth
  • Good Source of Vitamin A  which  is responsible for growth, fetal development, immune function, and cell function. It is also great for maintaining eye health
  • Good source of Collagen which not only is good for your skin elasticity, but also your pet's structure of tendons, bones, ligaments, and various connective tissues
  • High in selenium which acts as an antioxidant fighting free radicals and inflammation
  • Zinc contributes to them having healthy skin and fur, good thyroid function, and a healthy immune system.
  • Iron is essential for carrying oxygen through the blood, as an antioxidant and, it protects white blood cells used by the immune system to kill bacteria.
Guaranteed Analysis

Ingredients: USDA Beef Heart

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (Min.)


Crude Fat (Min.)


Crude Fiber (Max.)


Moisture (Max.)


Feeding Recommendations

Serve dry as a snack or crumble and sprinkle over kibble.  Always allow pet access to a bowl of water.  Feed only as a reward or treat to your pet 2-4 times daily as this product is naturally nutrient rich and over feeding could cause an upset stomach.  No refrigeration necessary.