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Jack's Premium sources the finest natural meats and premium ingredients, then use the traditional method of natural air drying to preserve all the nutrients and flavors. This artisanal technique naturally evaporates the moisture while concentrating the nutrition, like jerky, producing a highly nutritious food. All without sacrificing the taste pets love. Clean, easy to use and store, and provides all the benefits of raw without any of the hassles. Our air-dried feed has a high protein, with a crude protein concentration of 40%. The formula is made up of free-range meat and organs to help your dog build strong muscles and supply the energy they require.

Benefits of Air Dried Dog Food

  • Complete and Balanced: Formulated to meet the nutritional standards established by AAFCO for all life stages.
  • No Fillers: No Meat Meals, No Artificial Ingredients, No Preservatives
  • No Anti-Nutrients: No Corn, Wheat, or Soy
  • Cost Effective: Less expensive than feeding raw, but convenient like kibble
  • Great for Picky Eaters: Tasty, fresh, air-dried meats are made like jerky treats. Irresistible to even the pickiest eaters.
  • Easy to Digest: Limited Ingredients with nothing artificial making it easy on the digestive system.
(Beef, Beef Lung, Beef Heart, Beef
Spleen, Beef Liver)96%, Kelp1%,
Lecithin1%, Parsley1%, Bamboo fiber0.5%,
Pea fiber, Vitamin A, Thiamine,
Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic acid,
Pyridoxine, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D,
Vitamin E, Calcium iodate, Zinc
proteinate, Magnesium Sulphate,
Manganese Proteinate, Copper
proteinate, Potassium chloride,
Rosemary extract0.1%
Protein (min) 45.0%
Fat (min) 18.0%
Fiber (max) 4.5%
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is air dried food made?
Air-dried dog food is made by slowly removing the water content from fresh ingredients through a process of dehydration. This leaves all the nutrients and flavor intact, while making the food more shelf-stable and easier to store. Plus, many dogs seem to prefer the taste and texture of air-dried food over traditional kibble or canned food.
Is Air-Dried Food as Nutritious as Raw Food?
Air-dried food is not the same as raw food, as it has been through a process of dehydration. Nothing will ever be a perfect match to Mother Nature. However, it is still highly nutritious and packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals that your dog needs. In fact, some people believe that air-dried food is even more digestible than raw food, as the dehydration process breaks down some of the tough fibers and make it easier for your dog’s body to absorb the nutrients.