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Bully Stick

Small Braided Bully Stick

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  • Features


    • 5-8 Inches in length
    • 2.5-3 Ounces
    • Sourced and Made in Texas
    • USDA Free Range Cattle; We never use feeder stock cattle that has hormones or antibiotics added
    • Slow smoked and dehydrated; never baked! Our unique smoking process locks in flavor and nutrition
    • No preservatives, flavorings, or liquid smoke
    • Source of magnesium and calcium
    • Helps maintain dental hygiene/build up of plaque
    • "Longer" lasting - Bully sticks are longer lasting than most chews, but if you have an aggressive chewer, they can be gone within a day or even hours
    • 100% digestible! Bully sticks Contain no bones; 100% muscle meat
    • "Odor Free" - Might leave behind a BBQ smell
  • Ingredients

    100% Bovine Pizzle

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