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    These tasty beef liver tips are 100% beef liver made from USDA, USA beef. The liver is dehydrated which locks in the natural flavor and smell. Any dog or cat is sure to love our beef liver tips. They are a great source of 100% protein and are a great training treat.

    Ingredients: Beef Liver

    Size:  5 ounce Jar

    Guaranteed Analysis: 

    Crude Protein Min. 60.0%
    Crude Fat Min. 30.0%
    Crude Fiber Max. .25%
    Moisture Max. 8.0%


    Benefits of Beef Liver 

    • Contains much more nutrients than muscle meat
    • Included but not limited to protein, vitamin A and B, omega-3 and 6, and iron 
    • Anti-fatigue factor
    • Organ meats contain trace minerals that can not be found or re-created elsewhere.

    To learn more about how liver and other organ meats can be beneficial click here to visit our blog.

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