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Freeze Dried

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What is Freeze Dried Dog Food?

Freeze dried dog food is a high quality alternative to feeding kibble and even raw. While it can be expensive, feeding your dog this type of diet ensure adequate nutrition through organ meats, bones, and vegetables.

The process of freeze drying take a raw food product from a frozen state and removes the moisture. This process avoids cooking which can remove nutrients and enzymes and also allows the product to stay fresh for much longer without the addition of preservatives.

Jack's Premium offers a line of Freeze Dried that include organ meats to be added to your dog's current diet as treats or food toppers and complete and balanced, nutritious meal patties.

Is Freeze Dried Food Safe for My Dog?

Freeze Dried food is safe and healthy for your dog. Some dogs that are immune-compromised, might have a hard time digesting the food because it is still raw.  While freeze dried foods might looked cooked, they are still raw. Make sure to wash your hands and practice safe handling when feeding your dog raw foods. Ensuring that you are getting your products from a high quality source, will reduce any chances of bacteria.

Is Freeze Dried Raw?

Most freeze dried foods are still raw. This is especially true when it comes to meat. It allows the food to last much longer without the need of any preservatives. Fruits and vegetables can be freeze dried as well.

Benefits of Freeze Dried Dog Food

  • Nutritional Value- Freeze drying preserves the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. This allows for a higher nutritional content and decreases the need for additional supplements.
  • High Quality Ingredients- When sourcing products, the meat comes from the best quality. It not only contains muscle meats, but organ and bones are added which increases the nutritional value. Freeze dried products usually never contain grains.
  • Free of Preservatives- Freeze drying is a natural way to preserve food. This eliminates the need to add extra preservatives that can harm your dog's digestive system and add no nutritional value. They also last longer that commercial or raw food, which is great when in an emergency.
  • Travel Friendly- Traveling with freeze dried is much easier than carrying around a bag of kibble. You can simply add water to the complete meals and ensure your dog is receiving adequate nutrition.
  • Dogs Love it! Feeding your dog freeze dry food or treats is a great way to make sure they are not only receiving something that is drool worthy but also healthy!

What is the Difference Between Freeze Dried and Raw?

While freeze-dried and dehydrated foods are similar products, there are keys way that they differ.

Dehydrated foods have the water removed by simply placing the food in a low heat environment for an extended period of time. In this process the water begins as a liquid and is turned into a gas, which slowly diffuses from the food. The use of heat is important because it causes the food to undergo structural change. Whether or not this has a negative effect on the nutritional content has not been proven.

Freeze dried foods are not heated at any point. The process of freeze drying begins with the food already frozen. It is then placed in a machine that lowers the atmospheric pressure. This caused the water to turn from ice directly into gas and diffuse out of the food. Since no heat is involved, the food has not been cooked and the structure remains intact. This is why you freeze dried foods look like what they are and can maintain their nutritional value.