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    Size: 5-8 Inches

             Average 1.5 ounces/stick

    These Jack's Premium bully sticks are 5-8 inches long. They are the skinniest of all our sticks, but compared to store brands they are similar in thickness.

    Our bully sticks are made from USDA, free-range, grass-fed cattle. They are 100% smoked bovine (beef) pizzle. Jack's Premium uses Texas slaughters to source our bones and chews. Our unique smoking process locks in flavor, nutrition, and freshness.

    These beef chew sticks are an excellent treat option for all size dogs. We do not add any artificial preservatives or flavorings; they are an all natural treat, single-ingredient treat.

    Our bully sticks are 100% digestible and do not splinter like other bones. They also do not smell bad, but might leave a hint of a BBQ

    Benefits of Bully Sticks

    • High Protein, Low Fat Treat
    • Source of Magnesium and Calcium
    • Helps Maintain Dental Hygiene/Buildup of Plaque
    • "Longer" Lasting- Bully sticks are longer lasting than most chews, but if you have an aggressive chewer, they can be gone within a day.


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